Friday, 30 September 2011

Works in Progress - and a new sewing room!

I've had a busy week, working on a few diffirent projects.
The most exciting thing though, was the arrival of my new sewing table and new sewing machine!!!  I was working on the dining room table before that and had a permanent bruise on my thigh from walking into the corners when squeezing past to get to my stash!
With the ironing board set up just to the right of my chair ( out of shot ), I am now workingin total luxury.  Love it!

My new sewing machine.  It is not the most expensive one, but it is a great little machine and runs so smoothly.

Anyway, onto some sewing.

I've been wroking on this Tallships quilt.  Top is nearlt completed, I only have some dark blue borders to add then it will be ready for quilting.

Next up is a commission I have been working on.  A trapunto butterfly.  Hoping to get the binding put on this over the weekend.  I can only show a little of this as I don't want to spoil it for the lady I am making it for.

Also this week I have been making a braided border for a panel that I dyed and printed by hand at quilt group on Monday.   I love it when Irene does projects using dyes - she is realy into all that and has some great ideas.

Now the borders :

I'm looking forward to quilting this one.

Finally, at last weeks quilt show, I bought some back issues of a quilting magazine.  Lookng through them last Sunday morning look what I found;

You may need to click on the photo for a closer look , but it is a quilt I'd entered into the show in 2009.  I didn't know that it has been printed in a report about the show.  Made my day!

Have a great weekend everyone - hope you get lots of sewing done.



Linda Coleman said...

Hi Rhianon
love the colours in the borders for your dyed/painted flowers. Can't wait to see it all put together.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

You are doing some great stuff - love it all but for some reason my favourite is the tall ships quilt! I really like it. I have to say the butterfly is lovely too but I just really like the ships. happy stitching!

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Thank you ladies for your nice comments. Hope to make lots of progress on all these projets this week.

LynCC said...

What pretty projects!! Those braid borders are wonderful and perfect for your print. Love the tallships quilt.

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