Monday, 18 November 2013

A Little Rag Quilt

Hi there
Sorry I ddin't post over the weekend, I've been suffering from the dreaded toothache.
I consoled myself by making a little rag quilt.  I'd always wanted to make one of these so now I can score it off my to do list.
I started with a pile of these :

6.5" squares, sandwiched with layer of wadding (batting) and a backing square.
I sewed diagonal lines to anchor the layers together.

Most of the work is in cutting out the squares but once that is done is sews together quickly.  I made this in a day then spent the evening snipping the seams.  I just couldn't wait to wash it and get it in the tumble dryer.

Love how it turned out and I will give this to my Mum - perfect timing as it's beginning to get very cold here in Scotland.  A girl can never have too many quilts can they?

Now, what can I work on next ?  No doubt I'll find something!
Thanks for visiting. Til next time
Happy Stitchin'

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fruit Salad - Applique Quilt with flowers and feathers

This weekend I finished my Fruit Salad quilt.  I've called it that because the colours remind me of a chewy sweetie of the same name.
This is one of these quilts that just happened.  I was quilting flowers and feathers and I just wanted to try the design as an applique.
It measures 60" x 72" and I used Soft and Bright polyester wadding.  The applique is raw edge and it was all quilted on my domestic on the table top.
Here is the quilt in pictures:

This quilt will be part of my display next year.  click this link to see details.

Thanks for stopping by.  Back soon with more quilty stuff.

Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2013

Hi everyone
I'm very happy to tell you that my Hummingbirds won the wall hanging category in the  Bloggers Quilt Festival.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and thank you to Amy for all her hard work and to the sponsors who help make this such a fun event.  Look forward to doing it all again in the spring !
Rhianon. :)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Voting Time!

Quick post to let you know that voting is open over at the Bloggers Quilt Festival.
You can vote for 1 quilt in each category and I would love it if you voted for mine.  Here are the links:

To vote for Enchanted Garden

To vote for the Hummingbirds

Simply click on the heart on the top right of the thumbnail.   Thank you so much if you vote for me.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Rhianon :)
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