Friday, 8 June 2012

More Quilting !

Hi everyone

I've spent the week quilting the butterfly quilt.

This is by far the largest quilt I have machine quilted.

I'm working pebbles in the turquoise border and a small stippling in the churn dash blocks.  In this photo they still have to be worked in the center.

So far I am up to the second turquoise border.

I don't know if i will be doing much on this today as I have a very sore back - must've pulled a muscle and didn't sleep much last night because of it.

I have started another project using up leftovers.  I will show it to you soon. In fact I might work on that today as it is much smaller.
Have a good weekend .

PS today I'm linking up with Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Head over to her blog - she has a beautiful, colourful Jacobs Ladder quilt today.  enjoy.


Quiet Quilter said...

It takes time, but he result is going to be fabulous! Good Show! Whoop!

Pattilou said...

Wow, I'm impressed with your quilting. Those pebbles take lots of time. This is going to be a real achievement for you when its done. It's a beautiful quilt!

M-R said...

It's looking great, Rhianon. I can't wait to see how you finish it. Check your positioning while machine quilting in case your injury is as a result of being at the machine for hours -- I know that aggravated my back injury earlier this year.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Hi MR. You are SO right. I have just realised it is my poor posture and do you know I've heard quilters talk about raising up the front of their machine and now I know why. rolled up a kitchen mat and done just that and it feels better already. Going to stop now for the day and go and play with my transfer foils that I got at the quilt show
Thanks for your comment- appreciate it.
Enjoy your weekend. x

Diane-crewe said...

I am really enjoying watch this quilt come to life xx

Sue Daurio said...

Wow that is just beautiful. I LOVE the quilting. And yes good posture makes all the difference in the world. Can't wait to see it completed.

Kat said...

Wow, this quilt is beautiful! I love sunflowers with blue. Probably my favorite "floral" combination. Your quilting looks great! Take it easy for a few days until your back feels better!

Connie said...

Beautiful quilting Rhianon and I agree with M-R your posture when quilting. I also try and get up and walk around when it is time to change the bobbin.

Denise Russell said...

Rhianon, how exquisite! I hope your back feels better soon. Are you higher than your sewing machine? Wanna a back massage? :-)

Sarah Craig said...

That is an amazing quilt!! I love the colors and your quilting is just perfect!! Whoop whoop!!

And thanks for your kind words about my quilt!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous piece! The free motion looks so exact!

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