Saturday, 3 October 2015

Scottish Quilt Championships 2015

Last weekend was the Scottish Quilt Championships in Edinburgh.  this is my local show and I always enter to support it.
This year I was blown away to have won all this....

Two first place ribbons, two Judges Merits and Overall Runner -Up.  Wow I could hardly believe it!
This is the goodie basket that the runner- up receives.

 Fairyfrost feathers which was awarded 1st in miniature/doll category and runner up.
 1st place in small wall hanging for my Hummingbirds.  Very happy to have won this. A lot of hours of hand embroidery went into this piece.
Starburst Dresden got a Judges Merit.  Happy about that because it was quilted on my Q'nique which I have only had for a short time.
 Judges Merit for my jelly roll quilt which I called Forget-Me-Not.

This quilt is called Subtle Differences by Kay Bell and it won Best in show.  It is a double sided quilt and an amazing piece of work.  The detail and execution is stunning and it thoroughly deserved its title.
Kay has a fantastic post with lots more photos of the show. just click here to take you there.

Close up of Kay's quilting.

These are a selection of quilts that caught my eye.  I had intended to take more photos when i returned on the Sunday to collect my quilts but i forgot the camera.

This is my large wall hanging which I named Harlequin Points. no ribbons but still a thrill to see it hanging up.

This quilt was by Brigit Schueller and won a first place ribbon, for the bed quilt category. 

 This hand quilted piece was by Andrea Stracke and won a clutch of ribbons.

That's the excitement over for another year so I hope you enjoyed the photos , time to get back to quilting now !!


Allison said...

Well done Rhiannon. Your quilts are always beautiful.

Mary said...

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful and inspiring photographs with us.

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