Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lone Star Quilt - Part 1

This year I made a decision to try the patterns I've always wanted to.  Lone star was pretty high up the list but I was always put off by piecing the diamonds and also the dreaded 'y' seams.
A very good friend of mine sent me some beautiful fabrics from the USA and I thought they would be perfect for this project.

 I liked this part, sewing strips together then cutting on the 45 degree line.
Its quite a fiddly block because its important to to match all the seams precisely.

 Back of the block with seams pressed open.

 Doing the 'y' seams.
                                                              First attempt --fail!!!

                                                         Getting the hang of it now!

 Before long I had 12 blocks made.  They finish at 14.5"  The colours look luminous here but its because of the flash ( hate dull winter weather) . It will be a bright and cheerful quilt.
 Playing with layouts here but I didn't really like the solid red sashing so I decided to off set them and use the star colours randomly for sashings.

 It has its outer border on now and is on the frame. My second post will be about the quilting.
Here's a wee sneaky peek of how its going so far.......

I'm hoping to get this finshed later this week.  Binding is ready to go.

If you would like to make a lone star quilt here is a link for the tutorial I used. Jennifer's instructions are concise and clear so why not give it a go.
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Diane-crewe said...

I wouldnt want to do ONE .. and you did TWELVE!!!!!! oh my ..... well done to you x I am as usual awwe struck x

Genee' Davis said...

Thanks for linking up the tutorial! It too is a someday project for many designs out there, not enough time! Ha ha. Beautifully done Rhianon!

Joan said...

You are amazing...and I am still waiting to get my frame :) I love your lone stars... and will keep the never know when the urge to make them will strike :)Thanks for the link up... Your quilting is going so well!!

Susan Lawson said...

They are beautiful! I just finished a lone star quilt and learned starch was definitely my friend! Your quilting is awesome too!

Miss Jamee Quilts said...

love the pattern, the fabrics, the quilting! its a happy quilt!

Doreen Auger said...

That is on my quilt "bucket list" also and your blocks may be the motivation I needed. The quilting is outstanding!!!! Now, off to check out the tutorial! Thanks heaps and hugs......

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