Sunday, 3 April 2011

Quilts for Japan.

Hello friends.

The past 2 weeks have gone by so quickly. You know time flies when you're having fun. I've been making 2 quilts to go to Japan for the poor souls who have lost everything. I know there are quilters all over the world who are donating to this worthy cause.
My first quilt is a baby quilt.

Because these quilts are needed in a hurry - I HAD to attempt some free motion quilting. I didn't even have a proper foot for my machine, so I did this one without a foot.

I was pretty pleased with the result. It looks half respectable.

Onto the next quilt - a pretty little girls quilt.

At this point, my machine started to act up. DH took it apart and serviced it for me. Just look at what was underneath the throat plate!

Urrrgghhh!!!! No wonder my machine wasn't running properly! When was the last time you looked under your throat plate????!!!!!

After a jolly good vacuum and a few drops of oil, all is well with my machine and I purchased one of these - a darning foot!! I was so excited when this arrived because then I could really start practicing this free motion quitling!

Here is the second quilt for Japan. this tine I attempted a loopy heart pattern. It was so much fun to do.

Towards the end of the week I got my Dad-in-laws lap quilt finished. It has a mixture of hand and machine quilting. I hope he likes it!

Finally, my quilt group have decided to do 2 group quilts to send to Japan.
We each had to make 4 disappearing 9 patch blocks.( that old favourite)
Here are mine ...

Now I am left to ponder over my next project.....
Until the next time
happy sewing everyone.


The Speedy Sketcher said...

i love how you do all of your quilts.. then blog on them.. i dont know they are amazing like you!!!

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Awww Thank you Natalya. xxx

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Well done - the quilts are great and the quilting is wonderful. From one "learner" free motion quilter - WELL DONE

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Thank you Jan. That is so nice of you to say so.

Paul said...

Very nice Rhianon, They look GREAT!

**Cue the eerie music**

And I am more and more convinced that we are connected in some weird way... I just started a disappearing nine patch of my own this past weekend. Mine won't be as traditional as your four blocks, but it starts with nine patches that then get cut up.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Thanks Paul. It IS weird isn't it? Can't wait to see your 9 patch too.

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