Friday, 5 June 2015

Mug Rugs

This week my eldest daughter left school and is university bound in September.
I made these mug rugs as thank you gifts for her teachers.

They are easy to make.
You need 1 x 4.5" square
16 x 1.5" squares

Sew together, quilt, trim and bind.

I added a couple of leaves and a flower made from a Suffolk Puff.

This one was for her art teacher.  I didn't think he would want a pretty flower!

Here they are, all ready to go with a new mug and a Flake.
Thanks for visiting today.
Enjoy your weekend.


Prisca2010 said...

Then are adorable!

liniecat said...

Quite the nicest mug rugs Ive seen yet!
And Id be thrilled to receive a gift like that - lucky teachers lol

Marly said...

Lovely mug rugs; super presents!

Grit said...

So, so wonderful!!!

Connie said...

Absolutely lovely gifts . . . I like the little added touch of the flowers:)
Sew pretty.

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