Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Slashed Cushion

Yesterday I managed to get my piece of slashed work finished ... I turned it into a decorative cushion.

Once all the slashing was done and the beads and sequins sewn on, it realy took no time at all to finish off.

I sewed the backing on wrong sides together then used pinking shears to cut fringes into the edging.

It was the obvious thing to do really as all the layers of the fabric inside were a ready- made fringe.

Here you can see exactly what I mean.
So quick and easy.

Close up of a leaf - I used about 6 - 8  layers of fabric and it was pretty tough to cut through.

I think I will find a little spot in my workroom for this cushion and just enjoy looking at it.
See you all next time.


M-R said...

Cool idea, Rhianon!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

This turned out fantastic it!

Linda Moran said...

I LOVE how this turned out! Lots of great ideas to ponder in this project. Great job!

LynCC said...

I really like this! Love the leafy meander for the quilting, too. Is that just through the layers of fabric? Or did you add any batting?

CitricSugar said...

This is way too gorgeous! I absolutely have to try that technique (as soon as I finish all my holiday projects that is…) WOW!

Dee J. said...

This is beautiful. It. amazes me that it turned out so! I love it.

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