Friday, 3 February 2012

Funky Little Chickens ! ! !

I've been working away on a little quilt this week but it's not ready yet.  Sometimes when you are working on a piece that is quite big, it's nice to have a break from it and work on another smaller project.

This week I made these...

I first saw these over at Madam Samm's blog.  Deonn from Quiltscapes Quilting did a fantastic tutorial last October.  Aren't they the cutest ?   If you'd like to make one, go here.

I needed a new pin cushion and thought one of these would be perfect.

This was the first one I made.  When I showed them to my girls, they both said " Can I have one please Mum!".  Actually Ursula my youngest wants 3 of the smallest ones to use for juggling!

Now they are arguing over who is to get this one with the cute liitle heart.  The heart is only there because I noticed a hole in the fabric after I had quilted it.

The big chick in this picture was made at quilt group about 18 months ago.  It is made from a log cabin block and not quilted.  I've no idea where the pattern came from but it is the same principal.

This one is from a 4" square.

This one is tiny - made from a 31/2" square.

They didn't take very long to make - I did all these over a couple of evenings.
I was going to have the yellow one but my pin heads  are yellow so I'll probably have the black one.

I'm linking up with Missy Mac Creations  - Erin is hosting the party this week so click the link and take a moment to have a look.   I'm very excited to be hosting a TGIFF party myself on 16th March - better make sure I have a good finish that week!

Have a good weekend everyone - we're in for a cold one here in Bonnie Scotland.  Perfect sewing weather!



Diane-crewe said...

they are great fun xx

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Hehehe. They really are funky! I think my favourite is the tiny, little one - gorgeous fabric. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF. Looking forward to your hosting in a month and a bit. :)

LynCC said...

So cute!! They bring smiles, for sure. You oughta use the heart chick so they can't fight over it. ;D

Heather said...

Those are SO cute! :o)

M-R said...

Sooo cute! So they are a pin cushion? I may have to make a little chicken of my own!

Allison said...

your chickens are adorable! I just have to make a flock of these - thanks for the link! :)

Marsha Cooper said...

those are really cute!

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