Monday, 12 December 2011

Orca Bay Mystery Part 4

I can't believe we are on week 4 of the mystery quilt.  Time is flying by so quickly.
I loved part 4 - more string blocks, this time in reds, I am using rusts so I haven't deviated too far from Bonnie's choice.

I must have taken these photos on a dull day because the colours look very green.  My blocks are much more orangey/rusty looking in the natural light.

This is a better representation of my blocks.

I'm using up some real hideous fabric in this part.  I had a FQ of this - no idea where or why I bought this but I am very happy to have found a home for it and it doesn't look too bad at all worked into the blocks.

In part 2 I had teddy bears in my strings and guess what ?  More teddy bears in my rust strings!

For the first time ever in my quilting life I used starch ( because Bonnie told us to!).
I have to say it is fantastic stuff.  Cheap and easy to use - I can see me using a lot of this in the future.

Stack is getting bigger!!!

This is my working set up - everything close at hand.

So after a very enjoyable weekend I have all but 5 blocks finished.
Roll on Part 5........

As usual on a Monday I am linking this post to Bonnie's blog
Why not go and have a look at everyones progress.
Have a great week everyone.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

looks great - this is going to be very interesting seeing all of the different pieces come together!

LynCC said...

Isn't it funny how much fabric looks change in photos?

Sandra in the UK said...

You have such great variety in your fabrics. Your quilt is going to look stunning! Can't wait!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Wonderful colors, very much like a sunset. The quilt will be beautiful

Julie Kaye from KS said...

What great colors. You've been busy!

Diane-crewe said...

looking good...I love your fabric choices

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Thank you everyone who took the time to leave a lovely comment. I really appreciate it :)

Connie said...

Your blocks look beautiful and I bet you are done now! I'm on #39 and sewing!

Sue Daurio said...

Wow, your fabrics look great!!

Mary-Frances said...

Wow, great fabrics and fabulous blocks! I can't wait to see what you'll have done next week!

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