Friday, 16 December 2011

A Few Little Friday Finishes!!!

Well Christmas is fast approaching and I've been busy finishing up a few little mug rugs.
I know you are all probably getting a bit fed up with these but my sister said to me " If I only get one present from you - please let it be a mug rug with a flower!"
 Then my girls chipped in, " we want a mug rug too Mum - with a flower".   I couldn't deny them now, could I?

First up is an oversized mug rug for my DH.  He has a little table that sits beside his spot on the settee, so this was made to fit that.

Yes, I've been playing with my Lil Twister again.  Pretty pleased with how it turned out, although I'm not sure about the meandering in the border with the variagted thread.  Too bad, it is staying as I don't have the time or the inclination to unpick it all.  I'm sure hubby won't mind!

This one is for my youngest daughter.

These cute little panels were in a big bag of scraps that Irene from quilt group gave me.  Irene calls her scraps 'leavings', I am always grateful to get Irene's 'leavings' as she dyes a lot of her own fabrics and the colour assortment is always fantastic!

Flower detail.

This one is for my eldest daughter - similar to the last one but a little different.

What girl doesn't love shoes ???

Finally , the last one is for my sister :

I'm glad to get these finished and under my belt. 

Today I'm linking up with  Lucy from Charm About You.  she is hosting this weeks TGIFF party, so click this link :
and go and have a look at all the finishes.

I'm off to wrap a few presents now while I wait for Part 5 of Bonnie's mystery.
Have a great weekend.
Happy Stitching


Cherry Red Quilter said...

These are really great and how lovely that they were actually requested. Don't you love it when your work is so admired!

Laura said...

Nice tartan! I am sure they will be well loved :)

M-R said...

Great job, Rhianon. Your family will love these. It's wonderful to see how much they appreciate your talent!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Thank you for linking up to TGIFF! I love plaid and the mug rugs for your daughters are so cute! Even my daughter is obsessed with shoes and she's just turned two, I dread to think what she'll be like when she's older! You are clearly very talented and since learning to embroider properly is on my 'to-do' list for next year I may be calling on your expertise ;)

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rhianon,

WOW! You have been busy. I am enjoying catching up with your blogs. Beautiful projects you have done!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Mary-Frances said...

Rhianon, your mug rugs are fabulous! Love those panels too - so cute!

LynCC said...

I just love your flowers! And what fun finishes. :D

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