Monday, 14 February 2011

Kathleen's Quilt

It's taken me two weeks to make this quilt as a gift for my MIL. Finally It is bound and done! I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

It was hand quilted.

Now, because I made a lap quilt for my mum-in-law, I had to make one for my dad-in-law. The top is finished but I've yet to quilt it. No quilting tomorrow because I'll be doing goldwork.

Enjoy your day everyone.


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

your blog looks great and love both the quilts. You always do a beautiful job

Mouster1 said...

I love both of your quilts. Colors are beautiful. May I ask what pattern this is or something you did on you own? I'm sure they will love the quilts you made them.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Thank you ladies. The pattern is a disappearing 9 patch. If you look at my post 'More disappearing 9 patches', it shows you how it's done. The blocks can be arranged however you want them.
It's got to be one of the easiest patterns ever but I love that because it is so effective. Looks like you have done a lot of work but you haven't!

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