Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Day Job

Sometimes, like many of you, I don't get as much time as I want to spend on quilting. I am lucky though, because my day job involves sewing.
I do goldwork embroidery on Masonic regalia.

It's pretty time consuming work, but i must like it because i've been doing it for 22 years!

I'd like to recommend this site to anyone who has not already discovered it. It is
They have the most beautiful quilts, I can spend hours drooling over them!

Finally, I'd like to share a drawing that my 13 year old daughter, Natalya did of me. I love it, from the eyelashes down to my slippers. She has just started a blog herself and would love it if you could take a wee peek!

See you all next time!


Marj said...

I like the way the letters are done. I now will have to try it. This is my first visit and I have enjoyed looking at your quilts.

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I'll have to go check out Natalya's blog and tell Ebony about it too!
Looks like painstaking work. You're very talented

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