Sunday, 10 January 2016

Allietare Mystery Quilt.

Here is the completion of Allietare, the mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter.
It is one of my most favourites of Bonnie's mysteries so far. ( Loved Celtic Solstice)

Without further ado here are the remaining clues of the quilt........ the reveal.

Putting the blocks together.  
I found a very nice fabric for the outer border in my stash. it has dragonflies on it and has a stained glass look to it and most importantly, the colours were perfect for my quilt.

I made half the amount of units and this gave me a 4 x 4 star layout measuring 72" square.
I only had to make 1 extra star block which took no time and I also have one of the other blocks left over to make into a matching cushion.
This is as far as I have got.  It is ready to go on my frame for quilting.
I plan to make another of these quilts because I love the pattern so much.
If you click here, it will take you to Bonnie's linky party and you can see how everyone else's versions have turned out.   It is quite amazing how different colour schemes can make it look like a completely different quilt.  I love that!
They are all fabulous!
Thank you Bonnie!!!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Your colors are beautiful. It is certainly one of my favorite designs and Celtic Solstice would take second :)

PeggyinNO said...

Beautiful colors and that border IS perfect!! I am putting my 2 halves together today and hope to get the borders on also. This is my favorite mystery since Roll, roll, cotton boll!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Wow!!!! Love the colours and the fabrics! You've done it again, my friend! :)

Stitch Nine said...


Lynette said...

Your Allietare turned out so pretty! I'm about to pick up the teeny bits of work I did on Clues 1,2,3, and start getting mine pieced up. Hopefully today or tomorrow I'll be back in my groove with quilting "stuff". :D

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!!! Love the border fabric you picked!!! Its going to be awesome after you quilt it!!! Cause you are an awesome quilter!!! hugs

Vireya said...

Beautiful! Love how your colours worked out.

Alycia said...

Your colors turned out SO great!!!

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