Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Quilt for Luna

In my last post i gave you a wee peek at a quilt I was making for Luna, our 6 month old cocker spaniel.

This was a leader and ender project from a quilt called Blue Ridge Beauty by Bonnie Hunter.
It is in her book Adventures with Leaders and Enders.
Anyway, I had started it a long time ago and the blocks I had finished were stored in a box. The machine I was using at the time did not have a quarter inch foot so some of my seams were huge.

I thought it would make a perfect little quilt for Luna to lie on in the evening she seems to prefer to lie on the floor stretched out rather than in her bed.

I added a couple of little borders to frame it.  Now the quilting.

I quilted it on my frame with an all over echoed flowery pattern.  It is not a panto, just freehand.  Somebody mentioned that it looks like little paws.
It does too but that was completely unintentional.
Here's the back

and the front:

I love the texture created. It has quite a chunky look to it because I used a fairly thick polyester wadding.  It will be going through the washing machine frequently I think!

Here's Luna in front of the quilt, bored with me taking photos.
Hasn't she grown since the first photos?

Its all finished now and being used daily. Adds a lovely splash of colour to my living room floor and its good to get another UFO finished!

Now, whats next?
See you next time


Lori N said...

Your pup is adorable! As is the quilt. I have been thinking I need to make a quilt for our dog, who takes every chance he can find to sit on my quilts...even when they are full of basting pins! Great idea to use a leader and ender project.

Michele said...

Oh it is so sweet and so is she.

annmarie said...

Beautiful quilt & beautiful dog! Love the name too.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Luna is a beautiful girl, and her quilt i beautiful too. I love all Bonnie's patterns, so bright and beautiful.

liniecat said...

Love those trees, they look really lovely.
And I also think Lunas quilt is a delight but its her that has tugged my heart strings.
I had 2 wonderful cockers, one was an orange roan and is greatly missed to this day.
That last picture of Luna and her look at the camera, was the double of way our boy would look.
I hope Luna will be as much joy to you, as Jaffa was to us.

Marly said...

Great way of using your leaders and enders and amazing quilting. Beautiful puppy: she looks pleased to lie in style.

Susan Arnold said...

Luna is growing into such a beauty! And the quilt is very nice--lucky pup!

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