Monday, 21 November 2011

Orca Bay 2011 Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter. PART 1

It's November and that means it is mystery quilt time with Bonnie Hunter.
This is my second mystery quilt and I cut my teeth last year on Bonnie's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.

It was such a blast - No matter what - every Friday was MY sewing day.

Part 1 of Orca Bay was out on Friday.
If anybody wants to join in then here is the link :
You can also find the link in my side bar - it will be sitting there for the duration.

Here is my progress so far ;

Production line under way!

I'm using the 3 1/4" square method as I don't have a companion angle ruler but it is working a treat !

Getting there !

This is it so far - 167 hourglass blocks completed, 57 to go.  The end is in sight.

I'm a really going to enjoy this mystery because I have made some lovely quilty friends from all over the world and we are all doing it together, so it is going to be excellent to have people to compare notes with and also Bonnie has set up the link for bloggers.  So who knows, I may even make more new friends or even get some new followers.  Now that would be nice !!!
If I'm lucky enough to have Bonnie look at my blog, then just want to say thank you for everything you do Bonnie!!!

Til next time
Happy sewing


Jo said...

It looks like you have a method going...You are within striking distance of getting them all done before the next clue comes your way.

LynCC said...

awesome work there!! If I weren't already swamped, I'd be doing this mystery, too.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Your blocks look great. Lots of variety.

Susan Jungerheld said...

Your blocks look great! I am sewing Bonnie's mystery for the first time and hope to make new friends too.

Sue Daurio said...

oh my what progress you have made. Very inspiring!! I have one complete block done, 144 half blocks done and cutting more tonight!

Reena said...

Bottom row right black with white dots- I also have that fabric!!! Great work- amazing progress. I am about 75 units plus a few dozen more cut. I will probably do 3/4 of the size of Bonnie's- I am not much on giant quilts...

Helen in the UK said...

I'm looking at some of the links posted on Bonnie's page and it's fun to see what others are doing and how they are progressing. You've done a great job so far and you're so nearly there :)

Ellen said...

You have made fabulous progress!

Candace said...

Your blocks are beautiful. It is fun to make friends all over the world, that's half the fun of Bonnie's mysteries.

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