Friday, 14 October 2011

That Mug Rug Bug !

A friend asked me to make a mug rug for her so yesterday afternoon I duly obliged !
She is a lovely lady who deserves so much more than a mug rug but I hope she likes what I came up with.
It's very 'busy' with all those patterned fabrics but I think they work well together.

3-D flower detail

Simple meandering quilting for the mug bit.

A Suffolk puff and a colourful button just finishes off this flower perfectly.
This is the second mug rug I've made and I love them.  Yesterday I looked out some Christmas fabrics and I'm now planning  a table runner and some placemats.

The last few posts I've been meaning to show you a cushion I made as a birthday gift for my friend Shelley in Australia.  I kept forgetting but I've remembered today.

Shelley's fave colour is purple and she loves the Victorian/shabby chic/ romantic look. She loved her cushion.

Finally today, have a look at these little button jars.

Aren't they super cute ?  My daughters got a jar each at the quilt show.  You should have seen their faces when I asked for ONE button for the mug rug - they didn't want to give me one !  I bribed them with chocolate!
Have a great weekend everyone.  I will be back with another finish very soon.
Til then
happy sewing

PS I am linking this post to

  It's all about Friday finishes, so if you have some thing you've just finished then come and join the fun.  We'd love to see what you have been up to.


mainer said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous!

Laura said...

Rhianon, you are so talented! Can i come and do a class with you? :)

The Speedy Sketcher said...

hahaha, next time it will be 10p a button for my savings tin><

Angie said...

That mug rug is adorable!

Mary-Frances said...

I could see my daughters doing the same thing when they were younger...good idea going for the chocolate, works every time! lol The mug rug is adorable, what a great flower!

Ullan tilkut said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! You asked if I have done the flower the same way as you. Some of them I have done the same way and some of them not. It's difficult to explain. I have split the circle and then sew a seam. Then turn the piece. I had add some photos to my Facebook, if you have time, go to see.
I maybe add the photos also to my blog. The photos are not very good.
Yours, Ulla

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