Small Items

                                                                   Small Table Topper

                                              Baby Doll's Quilted Pram Set. 2012


                                                                     Quilted sign  2012

Long Table Runner with 3D Flowers 2012

                                                                   Set of 2 Mini mugrugs

                                                       Machine Quilted Postcard

                                                                        Table Runner

                                                             Set of 4 small mug rugs

                                                              Scrappy Table Runner

                                                           Set of 4 Table Placemats
                                                                  Set of 4 bright mugrugs

                                                                    Large Mug Rug

                                                                 Flower Pin Cushions


ruth g said...

you do beautiful work

lizbuckland said...

I lve in glenrothes trying to find out about glenrothes quilters. Would love to meet up I have a friend who quilts more than me. I am liz buckland from glenrothes.

Anonymous said...

Rhiannon, your work is flawless! Absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said...

Your work is breath taking. I so enjoy seeing what you are working on. Wish that I lived closer so that we could visit over a cup of tea.

wende said...

Rhianon..................your work is absolutly beautiful.............I love each piece. Keep up the work.


Anita said...

Your creativity is amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

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