Monday, 25 July 2016

Customer Quilting - Felt Coins, Feathers, and Tumblers.

I've been busy at the moment with customer quilts and last week was a very enjoyable.
First up was this lovely tumbler quilt made by Gail.
It is all batiks and I used a dark gold Glide thread which looked good on the darker coloured tumblers and also on the lighter ones.

Gail wanted an all over pattern that was not too dense. This design is by Angela Huffman. ( You Tube)
 I thought it was perfect. So much fun to do and it creates a lovely texture on the top of the quilt.
The wadding was Hobbs Heirloom, one layer.

                                                                  Back view.

 Next up was a pair of linen cushion covers made by Alison.  The felt coins were gifted to her by an American friend and this is what she did with them.  I think they are fab!..

 I did a little drawing and came up with a quilting design, I marked the spine of the feathers and measured certain points to make sure the feathers had a uniform look to them. I wanted them to frame the coins.

 Freehand them!
 My first time quilting on linen I have to say it really does have a luxurious feel to it.
These are ready to be made into cushions now. Looking forward to seeing them all finished.

The back of the work.

That's all for just now but I do have a lot on the go so more soon!
Thanks for visiting today.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dragonfly Table Mats

This is the latest commission I have been working on.  A set of 4 table mats.
The brief was something with dragonflies in blues, greens and purples.

First off I had to think of a design and how I was going to work the dragonflies.   I found this little block called Buttercup.  I really like it and may have to do a quilt at a later date.
 I searched for some dragonfly fabric and found some online that was just what I wanted. Thankfully at £16 per metre I only needed a small amount!   Simple squares frame the mats nicely.
I fussy cut the dragonflies and appliqed them with Bondaweb.  Two turquoise and two purple.
Onto the frame for quilting...... using one layer Hobbs 80/20 and Glide threads.
Oh and yes I did pre-wash all the dark colours - didn't want to risk the colours running into the cream.
 All freehand quilting.

 Purple binding to finish.

All done and these will be heading to their new home in Canada.  My client is over the moon with them as they are a gift for her Mum.
Next up, I am working on my quilt group's quilt.  It was made by all of us and I am doing the quilting.  It will be entered into the Scottish Quilt Championships and it is our way of supporting  our local show.
Here is a wee sneaky peek

I have almost finished that and next up I have some lovely customer quilts to do, including 4 linen cushion covers.  I have free reign to do as I wish on all of them.   I cannot wait to get started!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. until the next time, happy sewing.........
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