Sunday, 17 February 2013

Table Runner with Water Lilies

Another busy week has passed and I'm a bit later than intended with this post but i hope you enjoy it anyway.
I made this table runner last week as a birthday gift for my twin brother:

He's quite a house proud guy and likes nice things so I thought this would look good on his table.
He loved it!

The water lily flowers were quite challenging to put together - tough on the fingers and I wear thimbles !

I used 3 rounds of petals and for the center I covered the hole with a Suffolk puff (yo yo) and then used Funky fur yarn to crochet a small strip and sew it into a ball.

I made the leaves padded and free motion quilted them down onto the main piece.

I've also been busy with a few other projects - another owl cushion......

........this will be an ipad cover.....

                                                            ... and this one too. 

I also found time to start quilting a pineapple blossom quilt top that I made for my youngest daughter Ursula.
As luck would have it, it matches her newly decorated bedroom.  It had been a UFO for quite a while so it's time it was finished .

I have a lot of sewing to get through this coming week so lots to show you next time hopefully.
Thanks for visiting.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kindle Cover

My eldest daughter treated herself to a Kindle last week and I just knew what was coming next!
" Mum can you make me a cover pleeeease????!!!"

Oh, ok then.... here it is:

It was fast, fun and easy.  I took a piece of gorgeous batik fabric, folded it in half and gave myself 1/2" all the way around the e-reader.

I used the same principal of bag making and added a lining,

Then I  used one of my girls hair bands and a pretty button to close the cover. The band is sewn in at the back and stretches over the button.

It's a really nice snug fit and will protect the Kindle when its not in use.

I have also been working on another project for my brother's birthday, it involves water lillies and here is a little sneak peak.

I'll show you that next time.
Happy Stitchin til then.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Appliqued Owl Cushion.

Hi there.
Finally on thursday afternoon I got a proper chance to play with my new machine.  I made this:

It's a commissioned piece for a lady who has a little girl named Ting.

I love the open toe foot on the Janome its so tiny and gave me an excellent view of what I was quilting.

Such a solid machine, sews like a dream.

                                                                      Some stippling. 

I appliqued the owl using Bondaweb and used the old sewing machine to do the stitching.


Here's a close up of the owl fabric.  Isn't it cute ?

Close up of the lettering, also applied with Bondaweb.

I used a lovely soft fleece for the backing and added a 1 1/2" ruffle around the edge.  It measures 20" square minus the ruffle.

It's off to its new home tomorrow and I've already started on my next project - finishing a UFO from ages ago.
I'll show you that soon.
Happy Stitchin' til next time.
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